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With over 20 years of experience in education, public speaking and corporate and educational training, Anne Ganguzza is a clear choice for your next eLearning or mLearning project.  She has extensive experience working and teaching in IT and technology,  as well as providing customized individual coaching and mentoring of students in various subjects.     She is passionate about education and is committed to providing you with a voice that can inspire and motivate your students, and elevate your curriculum project to the next level.

A professional voice actor, coach, and producer located in Orange County, CA, Anne has an enthusiastic, energetic, and fun personality which connects and engages easily with all levels of learners, from students to employees.  She understands the difference between just reading a script, and being able to effectively deliver the critical content that students need to comprehend and retain.  Her voice is described as professional, believable, warm,  and friendly, and is exceptionally clear and concise – able to make your difficult scripts easy to understand!

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When it comes to the professional audio portion of delivering your eLearning course content, the effectiveness of the voice you select is critical to the success of your design.  Anne’s natural passion for teaching, engaging manner, and clear articulation  will ensure an enjoyable and productive learning experience for all student levels.  Have a listen, and hear the difference a professional voice can make!

eLearning Demos:

Check out Anne’s ELearning_Demo!

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Educational/E-Learning Narration Demos

Additional Imaging
Breast Ultrasound
Breast MRI
Hoag Center
Hoag Digital Tomography

For more samples and demos, please visit Anne’s Demos Page.

What our Clients Have to Say…

“Anne is a valuable resource for our online training and education projects. She always delivers timely and error free scripts and voice overs that engage our audience from beginning to end. Anne’s attention to detail and pronunciation of difficult terms in medical and IT are impressive. SilkWeb highly recommends Anne Ganguzza for any organization looking for professional script writing and voice talent.” Laurel Silk, SilkwebConsulting

“Anne’s voice was clear and elegant and was perfect for my application.  Even with her busy schedule, she managed to complete my project within a few hours! She is a professional with exceptional talent. I’m definitely going to use Anne’s amazing voice again for future projects.  Thanks again Anne!” – Jason, TV Lamps Canada

“I’ve always been impressed by not only her pursuit of continued education and training in the field, but also her fun spirit that really comes through in her voice-over work. Anne is very dependable as well. Count on her to deliver for any project you hire her for!” - Ben,

“Thank you so much for the really helpful class - I really learned such a lot from you and feel really lucky to have had so much individual attention and encouragement… Thank you again!”-  Elizabeth Livingstone Wallner, Student

If you are a satisfied customer and would like to submit a testimonial,  please feel free to Contact me!  Thank you so much in advance for your valuable feedback!

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